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FREIGHTING the World's Finest - Wines and Spirits.

Wines To The Stars provides you with the worlds most professional and secure vintage wine and spirit courier and freighting services. When you have located the finest beverages, it is so important to have the product professionally and securely transported to it's destination.

Our services are ideally suited to Australian and international wine and spirit collectors, the hospitality industry such as visiting tourists, fine beverage retailers, hotels and resorts, cruise-line operators and of course producers and their cellar doors.

WTTS provides fast and exclusive freight services for domestic and international beverage shipments, and provides you with environmentally engineered bottle packaging to suit from one bottle up to as many as you wish to send.

Our unique patented packaging also allows for standard sized bottles along with Champagne and Magnum sized bottles.

WTTS provides the worlds first international "Wine Matching" service in that we will recommend wines to our on-going freight clients, and put you in touch directly with the producer. WTTS does not at this stage operate with a liquor license, so we cannot sell wines direct to you, however our wine passion and knowledge of the finest wines of the world is available to our friends.

"SUPERSTAR WINES " is a specialist beverage label design service whereby you can select and design your own wine brand.

If you have the name...we have the contacts within the wine industry and the team to make a great wine product for you, from selecting the wines you like most, to the design and production of professional and unique labels and packaging.

Our offices are based in Melbourne and San Diego with another office soon to be open in Shanghai.


Australian Office - 1800 090 999 or email

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Wines to the Stars